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Memorial dance

My memorial dance is suitable for commemorating a special person. With an individual choreography and a selected performance I give form to the memories.

In preparation for the memorial dance, I enter into a great cordiality with the deceased person. I acquire knowledge with the help of literature and – insofar as possible – through conversations with families and friends.


For a mourning group
Also for a mourning group I and my way of performing can be a very big support by helping you with the mourning process through my dance.

How a mourning dancer brings the deceased back to life

She offers an unusual ceremony for bereaved families. Helga Seewann’s dance
is an expression of the stories that relatives tell about their dead.

Interview by Andrea Schlaier, SZ, Stadtviertel, 1 November 2016


»Aus der Starre«,
a Memorial dance for Gert

Sign Official selection, German Generation Film Award 2024

25 February 2023
Documentary film directed
by Louisa von Sohlern

Ownwership of the HFF (Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München)
9:46 minutes