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Calm bodywork

A calm, relaxing bodywork, is a holistic somatic training that also allows time to experience the movement of the breath and with it the possibility of change.

It begins on the floor and ends in standing position and is structured like a movement ritual, with the smallest changes. There are exercises also for stretching, strengthening and stabilisation to get more space in the body, more stability and mobility of the spine and liveliness.

It shows how gravity centres us, how the slightest shifts change us, make us fall out of balance. And finally brings us into a new form.

Dancing body training
Based on the idea that the space around our body can be like a sphere in which we are (Rudolf von Laban) and which we can take with us everywhere in space, the movement sequences are built up.

Through small choreographies, in different rhythms and tempos, the sense of space, the repertoire of movements and steps expands.