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Costume has long been an important part of my dance: it changes me and my movements. Often they are  expansive,  large costumes, with lots of fabric to wrap around. In this way I give the audience the opportunity to read the dance without bias, leaving my own body out of it.

Memorial dance

My memorial dance is suitable for commemorating a special person. With an individual choreography and a selected performance I give the memories a form.


Learning with the body how individual parts can be moved and how the connections can be felt. Stretching, strengthening and stabilising, giving the breath more space. Feel how breathing moves the body. Strong, lively and flexible. Through relaxation to tension to energy.


There is a time when speechlessness reigns. Here dance can be a language without words that finds its way to the heart. In a conversation with the relatives, a framework for a dance during or after the funeral service is created together. You can choose from a wide range of music.

“with being driven forward,

the time races

and sometimes it

just stands still.

traces are left behind,

sometimes broad and often

also tremendously loud.”


Early on after my training, my studio approached me. Here I could retreat and try out, explore, experiment and rehearse undisturbed as much as I wanted.