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Mourning dance

There is a time when speechlessness reigns. Here dance can be a language without words that finds its way to the heart …

“with being driven

forward, time races

and sometimes it

simply stands still.

traces are left behind,

sometimes wide and often

tremendously loud.”

In a discussion with the relatives, a framework for a dance during or after the funeral service is created together. Pieces can be selected from a wide range of music.

About me: I have said goodbye to several members of my family and arranged their funerals, as well as danced at various funeral services in recent years. Should you wish to take a very personal approach with me or engage me for a funeral service, I can be reached at:

Phone 089/272 49 06 or

How a mourning dancer brings the deceased back to life …

“She offers an unusual ceremony for the bereaved. Helga Seewann’s dance is an expression of the stories that relatives tell about their dead.”

Interview by Andrea Schlaier, SZ Stadtviertel, Westend

Dancing when everything stands still
The mourning dancer talks about support, improvisation and grief.

Interview with Ingrid Gardill, Münchner Merkur,
3/4 November 2018

Interview with Ingrid Gardill, DRUNTER&DRÜBER,
in issue 8 “Death and the future”, 2019

A dance for
special occasions
Should you wish to go down a very personal path with me or engage me for a funeral service, I am there for
there for you.