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Movement Research

In southern Italy near Lecce, I found an extraordinary place in the truest sense of the word – an outdoor studio! For 17 years I taught 14-day courses in movement theatre and dance improvisation there. At the end of each course there was a performance.

From this developed the classes in “From Movement Research to Dance Improvisation”, which take place on Fridays, and seminars throughout the year with various topics.

Movement Research – a process:
It is searched, explored and found …

The course is aimed at adventurous people, movement and dance enthusiasts, at those who want to move intensively in space, consciously and unconsciously. With their body, the space, the music and also with others.

Images and structures of movement of various kinds and dynamics are offered, which flow into free improvisation. Music of different directions supports this flow.

MOVEMENT RESEARCH – pre-registration required:
Fridays, 18.15 to 20.00/30,–€

Weekend seminars with various topics

My work follows the motto: creating spaces, softening boundaries, showing possibilities, maintaining diversity and taking responsibility …


7–19 February (professionals)
“from deepest relaxation
let yourself be moved …”
and find your own personal expression
in dance.

25–27 August
“Geometric forms brought to the
to the point, from dance …”
the circle, the line, the eight and the point

6–8 October
“The body as a moving sculpture” 
how every smallest gesture brings great consequences …
Costs 220,–€ each
Friday 18–20 h
Saturday 16–20 h
Sunday 16–20 h

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